How to programmatically add an excel chart link to a placeholder




I am trying to replicate programmatically how a user would select a chart in
Excel copy it and then in a powerpoint presentation paste the chart with link
into a powerpoint placeholder i.e. paste into the presentation select it, cut
the chart then select the placeholder and then paste - this has the very
useful effect of sizing the chart whilst maintaining its aspect ratio to the
size of the powerpoint placeholder.

I have attempted the approach of following the above in code and I can paste
the chart into a powerpoint slide then using the active window copy it to the
clipboard and paste into the placeholder. The problem is to a user this looks
horrific, is very slow and surely there must be a more elegant way where I
could directly add the chart to a powerpoint placeholder.

So, to summarise is there a way where I can add a linked Excel chart
directly to a PowerPoint placeholder?


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