How to open multiple forms on startup?




Is there a way to have 3 'forms' open automatically on startup?

I've found out how to get a single form to open when the database file is
open but it would make my life easier if there were 3.

Also, is there a way (other than print screen) to print the data just
entered into the form? Or will I need to create a report template? The reason
I ask is that I would like people to print the form to keep a paper record on

Thank you

Douglas J. Steele

1. You can either create a macro named AutoExec that calls three separate
OpenForm actions, or you can put two OpenForm method calls in the Load event
of the one form that's currently opening.

2. Not really. Forms are meant for data entry, reports are meant for
printing. Note, though, that Access will convert a form into a report for
you. Just right-click on the form in the list and choose "Save As Report".


To open more than one form on open you can do it any number of ways, but the
easiest is probably to create an AutoExec macro and just use 3 actions to
open a form from each.

If you have a macro named AutoExec, it will fire when the database opens as
the first thing.

Bob Larson
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Nov 10, 2011
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I have an Access 2007 application with three forms. I am trying to get them all to open in the AUTOEXEC macro, but only two are opening. Any help would be appreciated.
Aug 22, 2013
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I'm trying to open multiple forms concurrently with the same filter criteria. ie only have to enter an identifying number once, and multiple forms open for that identity. I tried creating a macro with multiple form opening commands, but couldn't find a way of saying "filter on the SAME id number as previously entered for the other form/s"
All suggestions welcome. Thanks very much. David:confused:

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