How to move Public 'user' area to another drive?



I've just put in another drive on this Vista Ultimate x64 machine. I found
a tutorial on the web and have managed to move all the 'real' user's
'Documents', 'Downloads' etc. onto the new drive*. I have a significant
quantity of stuff in the folders under 'C:\Users\Public' but I don't seem to
be able to relocate that using the same method as I used for the 'real'
users. None of the ordinary users can relocate the files, and neither can
my administrator user. I even tried changing the owner of that whole branch
in 'C:\Users' to the administrator user, to see if that made a difference
but it did not.

Is there a different method for moving the Public 'user' to that which I
used for moving 'real' users?



* I created a Users directory on the new drive and under it created
directories matching the structure of all the relocatable locations for each
user. I applied all the same permissions to the new folder structure as the
old one had, and then altered the location pointed to using the 'Location'
tab of the 'Properties' of the folders 'C:\user\Documents' etc.

Rick Rogers


No reason I know of you shouldn't be able to use the location tab of the
public subfolder(s) properties. You should be an admin to do this, and you
can't move the actual "Public" folder, just the subfolders.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

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