Need to restore junction points


David Deley

My windows Vista came with folders like "My Music", "My Pictures", "My

and like an idiot I deleted them. Or I'm not sure. Problem I encountered
is when I run SizeMe, it complains "Error opening search on path:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\My Music\*.*"

But in Windows Explorer there is no folder
C:\Users\Public\Documents\My Music\

(ditto for "My Pictures" & "My Videos".)

Searched a little and found there exists "Junctions". At a command
prompt set to directory C:\Users\Public\Documents\
I entered command: DIR /AL
and it lists:

Directory of C:\Users\Public\Documents

<JUNCTION> My Music [c:\Users\Public\Music]
<JUNCTION> My Pictures [c:\Users\Public\Pictures]
<JUNCTION> My Videos [c:\Users\Public\Videos]

but a simple DIR command doesn't list these.

Installed "Junction Link Magic". It lists (among other things):

Junction link Destination
C:\Users\Public\Documents\My Music\ c:\Users\Public\Music
C:\Users\Public\Documents\My Pictures\ c:\Users\Public\Pictures
C:\Users\Public\Documents\My Videos\ c:\Users\Public\Videos

but none of these directories actually exist.

So I thought I'd just create those directories. I created folders:


but that didn't solve the problem. (Maybe I need to reboot?)

What do I need to do to fix this directory structure? There's invisible
"junctions" pointing to non-existent folders.

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