How to logon via TS in Windows 2003 as the console user session?



How do I logon via Terminal Services to the Administrator console session
instead of creating a second login for the same user?

What I mean is that in Windows XP, when a user uses Terminal Services to
logon, it takes over the session if one is running on the Windows XP machine.
The computer switches to the Welcome screen and the user logged on is
basically sitting in front of the computer remotely.

However, in Windows 2003 when an Administrator is logged on at the system
and then a Terminal Services logon to the Administrator occurs, it begins a
new Administrator session. How do I take over the console session that is
already running, thereby having access to my running programs?




Use the /console command line switch.

For more information, open up Help and Support on your 2003
server and search for remote desktop console. In there you will
find thorough explanations as well as step-by-step instructions on
using the above command line switch.



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