How to increase MaxWorkerThreads for a single web app?


Yash Ganthe


The machine.config setting <processModel maxWorkerThreads controls
the number of max worker threads in w3wp. Our ASP .NET 2.0 web service
gets about 200 requests per second and a lot of them end up in the
Request Queue in IIS as observed in perfmon. We are trying to increase
the maxWorkerThreads so that the pending requests get processed.
We do not want to set this in machine.config as it will impact every
ASP .NET application.

Is it possible to set it for a single web application?
Web.config does not allow <processModel> tag.

If I do this programmatically, will it cause all the applications in
the web pool to take this new setting?
Can I do this in Application_start of Global.asax?


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