How Do I Limit Concurrent Requests To A WebService?



Hi all,

For performance reasons, I would like to restrict concurrent request to
a WebService that I provide, so that only a single request to a
WebService can run at any time, with all other requests going into the
request queue.

I have tried editing thread settings in the machine.config e.g:

processModel - maxWorkerThreads="1" maxIoThreads="1"
httpRuntime - minFreeThreads="0" minLocalRequestFreeThreads="0"

and while this works, the settings are too restrictive. These settings
in processModel effect every web application running under on
that box. I would prefer to restrict concurrent requests only for the
WebService, rather than all web applications.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Any thoughts or ideas would
be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



So long as you are happy to have the web service running as it's opwn website
in IIS you can limit current connections using the IIS configuartion snap in.
I don't think further requests would be queued though they would be rejected
with a server busy type error.

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