How to increae the C partition in Vista



I try to post here but there isnt an option for me to choose which
so can someone guide me to the vista newgroup where I can post my question.
Here is my question if you can help.

On my Acer desktop, I was unable to do the e-recovery, so I did a fresh
install, reformat the C: and install the Vista home basic. (C; was originally
marked as Acer) and in dsik management as follows:

C: simple basic ntfs healthy (system, boot,activecrash dump,primary
partition) 9.76 gb 187 mb free %free 1%
D: simple basic ntfs healthy (page file primary partition 35.5gb 28.37 gb
free % free 78%
E: (data) simple basic ntfs healthy (primary partition) 32gb 25.6gb free
%free 82%

I understand that C is my primary partition where the Vista is and so there
is no space left as I hve not install anything apart from doing vista update.
So how can I increase the C partiton size? I know how to sharink D and this
will create another partition but how can I then increase the size of C:?

If nothing can be done, how can increase the size of C: before I
format/install the Vista. Does it work the same way as XP where you delete
all the partitions and then create the partitions BEFORE INSTALLATION, please
advice any thanks very much for your help.


There are partition managers around but you may have to pay for them
(Partition Magic for example) Software such as this allow you to re-size
live partitions. You could try Sourceforge or similar and see if their are
any free ones.

If you have no data on there though the easiest option would be to just
delete the partitions you have and recreate them the way you want.

One other thing I notice you say C: is your boot partition and D is
pagefile? Sticking your pagefile on a partition isn't a fantastic idea. On a
separate, fast disk yes, a partition of one disk no.


I dont know how I end up with that. I am prepare to do a clean installation
but I do not know how can I delete the partitions before installation in
Vista. I know how to do it in XP but is it the same in Vista that you delete
the partition first and it will then lump all those unpartition into 1 lot
and then we create a new partition? Thanks for your help.




Many thanks for yr response, msnsge to find the way to delete all the
partitions and reformat and do a clean installation.

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