how to get rid of "Add new field"



Hi all,
We have just made the transfer to Access 2007.
Apart from the ribbon layout, which I believe only requires some time to
get used to, I have a question about the Tables.
When I create a new table in designview and then switch to the datasheet
view i have an extra last column (add new field). I find this very
disturbing. I don't want everybody adding fields at will.

I've checked the help files,but there's no indication on how to show
only the table fields I designed.

any help is greatly appreciated.


Al Campagna

Please see two responses to this question in the microsoft.public.access
Please don't post the same question to two newsgroups, using
individual posts.
When someone responds in one NG, no one can see that reply in the
so it causes duplication of effort, and confusion.
If the TO: of your post contains both newsgroups...
microsoft.public.access ; microsoft.public.access.tabledesign
then any replies in any group will be seen by all groups.
Al Campagna
Microsoft Access MVP 2007-2009

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