How to get Outlook to obey my PLAIN TEXT preference?



I have outlook set to use plain text format and that works when creating an

However, when I get HTML formatted emails, it still displays as HTML
formatted and hitting reply tries to reply in HTML format. I then have to
click on OPTIONS and PLAIN TEXT which does convert it back to plain text,
but then I loose my quoting brackets (>)

Is there any way to get Outlook to force everything into plain text mode?



Which Outlook version are you using?

Oh, sorry...2007
option to convert incoming HTML formatted emails to plain text. I don't
know the english name of that option (I am using a german version of
Outlook) but you'll find it under

Tools | Options | Settings | E-Mail-Options

Hmm...I'm digging around in there but don't see an option that says to
convert incoming mail. I can find the outgoing email format, but not

(is it me or is the Outlook OPTIONS area one of the most convoluted options
interfaces ever seen? There's umpteen pop-up windows of varying



Tools | Trust Center | E-Mail-Security

"Trust Center"? What is that supposed to mean? ;o)

I would have never found that on my own. THANKS! I can now sanely read and
reply to emails. ;o)


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