How To Get 1 Million Visitors Without Paying A Dime In Advertising


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How To Get 1 Million Visitors Without Paying A Dime In Advertising

If I would tell you that after months of research, I just got my hands on the most hidden secrets...

Pssttt, yes precisely those secrets that the wealthy web masters are using now to get their millions of hits every day.

And let me tell you, it works... It's incredible to see all the knowledge they possess... they even have very sneaky tricks!

These well guarded secrets just made me a
I just went from 1,000 visitors a year up to 1,000,000 a month! Yes, that's up to 1 MILLION hits a MONTH!

I'm tired of seeing the same big pockets getting all the hits, so I've decided to reveal all their secrets! This page will not be here forever so read it now!

P.S. I don't know if you understood, I meant hurry up reading the secrets while they are in here!
Let's talk face to face! The reality is, even if it's true that at
this very hour there exist hundreds of millions of surfers on the Internet, it's just not true that it's easy to get them to visit YOUR web site!
Are you wondering why some sites are getting millions of visitors while yours is only getting hundreds? Well, the main reason for
this is that those sites are spending a fortune in advertising
(1000's and 1000's of dollars per month - even per day!).

If you are a person with NO advertising budget, you really need to read this! If not, you will never get enough visitors on your web site and it will die in a couple of months ... like the majority!

Contrary to what every fast-buck artist claims about their so-called "easy-money-making-on-the-internet" schemes, at this hour 95% of all the millions of existing web sites are not making a dime on the Internet ! Worse yet: A lot of them are losing their shirts by spending thousands of dollars in advertising, turning their profits to nothing. It is proven that the majority will never do anything else other than waste money, effort and time with their web site. Why is that?

Conventional ways of advertising cost too much for regular people.

So, if you don't already have the thousands of dollars required to properly advertise your web site, what can you do to get enough visitors to succeed online?

I have great news!

I've been spilling my guts about searching for free ways to promote YOUR online business (for regular people).

AND I just discovered the most well guarded secrets of the wealthy webmasters on how to advertise your web site with no money!

They are not telling you this stuff!

You just cannot imagine what you are on your way to discover! It's shocking. So genuinely easy to get visitors raining on your site once you know this!
How To Get 1 Million Visitors Without Paying A Dime In Advertising

Some webmasters don't really understand how giant the game board is:
The Internet is like sitting in front of your TV, but instead of having a satellite dish powering the screen with 200 channels, here the viewer has 1,346,966,000, that's right, Billion, "channels" called web pages.

With that in mind, one question kept bugging me for the past years. I even became obsessed with it: "How did regular guys and gals with no advertising budget became wealthy webmasters? What are their secrets? Heck, how did they do it?"

Before you start thinking about shutting down your web site, like most discouraged web site owners, read this:
This page is special, as it is not a standard "web traffic techniques" page, this page is changing the rules--I am telling you what no one wants to divulge!

Yes, I know that this page is a little long, but it will be worth your time. You won't need to invest 2 years in research like I did only to find out what is secretly hidden behind our back.

Because yes, things are hidden to you. The following secrets are real secrets. This is not known to the crowd.

I'm already taking heat from some webmarketing gurus for revealing this information here. But you know what? I don't care!

Their secrets have been hidden long enough and in my opinion it is about time that someone actually showed you the exact steps to create traffic like crazy.

This is your chance to actually "see behind their curtains". You'll learn the dirty little secrets these marketers have: Corey Rudl, Declan Dunn, Miguel Alvarez, Marlon Sanders, Yanik Silver, Mark Joyner, Mike Enlow, ... It's just like peeking into their minds... trust me, you'll be amazed at the strategies these guys use!

When they talk about FREE advertising, they talk about banner and link exchange, submitting to search engines, ... but such "regular" programs are NOT how they started ! The igniter is missing. They don't tell you how they got their first million hits.

I reveal the secrets of the wealthy webmasters because I've seen so many web site owners working one entire month for 10 to 100 bucks in net profit--it is nonsense to work hours for nothing--it has to stop !!!

From: Stephan Ducharme
Monday, 10:14 a.m.
Dear friend,
I have to get this off my chest before I explode.

I'm Stephan Ducharme. It seems like everybody is now calling me the "Free Ad Guru". Well, I admit that my secrets on how to get 1 million free visitors are presently sweeping the web like a raging fire ! This info page has been suddenly assaulted by visitors getting in and in and in... (A lot of people are reading this page while you are!)

I'm getting 20,000 visitors a day and growing. (Proof: According to, I'm now in the top 20,000 most visited websites worldwide !!!)
But I'm just like you; I've been trying to make money on this ?&%*!# Internet for 2 years and nothing has been working out... until I discovered this.

So if you are one of those who are tired of waiting for something to happen, even angry after reading "all those too-good-to-be-true" blah-blah stories while you are struggling and still hanging tight in there, I have marvelous, unexpected news for you.
I will not insult your intelligence by telling you things like "You'll be a millionaire in 6 months". I don't believe in hype any more than you do.

Take my advice, don't make the mistakes I've made; if you want to create high traffic on your web site, don't apply for or join anymore programs until you read this letter. Stop listening to any "so-called expert" because if one program can help you, choosing the wrong one can kill your business. It has taken me 2 years to discover the real good methods--two years of brain sweat!
Big corporations spend thousands of dollars in banner advertising to get the traffic I'm getting for free using these secrets. You will slap yourself if you're not already using this.

How can the regular guy really get 1 million visitors
on his web site without spending a dime in advertising?

Boy have I searched how!

Over the past years, I read thousands of theoretical pages surfing day and night from one web site to another searching for everything related to marketing and making money online.

In this venture, I have subscribed to hundreds of e-zines and newsletters (near 500 email publications). I have 200 Internet related articles sent to me every month from gurus like Declan Dunn, Corey Rudl, Stephen Mahaney, Ken McCarthy, Jonathan Mizel, Monique Harris, Terry Dean, Jay Abraham, Paul Myers, Jim Daniels, Michel Fortin, Kevin Needham, Chayden Bates, Mark Joyner, Phil Wiley, Sam Robbins, Jimmy D. Brown, Scot Dantzer, Peter Sun, Ken Silver, Frank Garon, Dale Armin Miller, Brent Winters, David Garfinkel, Jay Conrad Levinson, Mike Enlow, Mike Chen, Armand Morin, Joe Vitale, ...)

Throughout several months, I participated in specialized newsgroups. (I have talked and written to every successful online entrepreneur around... even to the best internet gurus who charge anywhere from $300 to $650 per hour for consultation.) I became so obsessed , I wanted so much to succeed on the Internet that I have spent a fortune buying every course, ebook, cd, manual, video and everything available about online marketing and web traffic, especially FREE web traffic.


Well, there is not much good, or even well-meaning, material out there. The Internet is filled up with amateurs claiming they are experts. Here are the 4 categories I've seen:

No content - Too Good to be True. Only hype, smoke, gimmicks, liars, stealers, and false promises. You don't make a dime using their techniques ! Most of them make money by taking advantage of inexperienced people (Like a car dealer who sells a car to a teenager).

Risky - Chances of losing your shirt: I have found others teaching you how to make money on the Internet or how to turn little ads into profits, but what they don't tell you is that the marketing test period can be long (test after test), and your pockets can become empty BEFORE it turns into any reasonable profit. You end up spending a fortune in advertising to make sales. Yet even after these huge expenses, you don't make any profit! So you are working for nothing, again!

The problem when it comes to advertising is that if you don't have money, I mean A LOT, you cannot succeed unless you get lucky the first time you try! What I mean is that it costs so much money that most mid-range people need to wait months before they can permit themselves to make a second try! Burning $1000's in advertising only takes minutes.

Complicated and Technical advanced books: Well, some long courses are surely showing you very well how to become an expert in e-commerce. I believe they are written for professionals who have already achieved success and want to double and even triple their revenue. These online marketing Bibles really work awesomely for people already making money, who already understand 50% of the game. But for those who haven't made their first $100,000 on the Internet yet, what are the best steps to follow: ?Complete mystery?!?

Great material. Yes, good quality exists but the difficulty is in knowing which one is good and which one will drive you to failure. (You can't know unless an experienced critic refers the right one to you.) Makes sense, right?

With all of that reading, 12 to 24 months of your life will be gone. I don't think you want to commit the next year summing up and reiterating the entire spectrum, do you?

I am saving you 1 to 2 years.

Many "so-called marketing experts" out there have done similar researches. However, I'm not sure they went that far.

Meanwhile, 99% stop there because their techniques don't work. You and I know that theory is only the beginning. Nothing compares to playing the game day after day...

After reading all the books out there, you need to test and experiment with all the techniques. I'm telling you, it costs thousands of dollars per month in advertising. That's why the "so-called experts" never become real experts. They stay inexperienced. It's much too expensive.
I can't blame them. It cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising before finding this!

Now, who has $500,000.00+ to invest in advertising? I knew there was another way. There HAD to be another way. Some people knew how and I searched for them.

So I went a step further. I sniffed around and, like a reporter, I got in the bush and behind the scenes. I talked to hundreds of "so-called gurus", crackers, spammers, bulk e-mailers and programmers.

Whoooo, most wealthy webmasters and programmers are no longer part of our planet. They live in Cyberworld. They don't speak our language anymore... you know what I mean! I think they feel good when nobody understands their jargon. As some books out there are so theoretical, so complicated and so boring, you never finish reading them. The more you dig, the more you find specialized material and hidden techniques that very few people know how to operate. At that point, you may go in chatrooms or newsgroups to ask questions about such techniques, but you soon find out that either nobody will answer or they do not KNOW the answer.

For those who know the wealthy webmasters' guarded secrets, let me tell you: They are not sharing it. It is pure logic not to reveal such secrets. They are cherished nuggets of gold that make them what they have become. So if you think you will find this kind of precious info for free on the Internet, you won't! They don't even reveal the existence of these techniques, much less will they give it away! This is far too precious! Webmasters are paying $1,000 to $15,000 per seat in 3-day seminars to learn regular advanced web traffic secrets... and NO, the most important wealthy webmasters' secret is NOT taught in any seminar!

It took me months to translate parts of instructions of those programmers, sometimes searching hours only to learn the significance of little words. There are too many long steps, too many codes and too many fragments of knowledge - A giant puzzle!

Do you want that puzzle ? No, I'm sure not.

You'll be able to download the secrets in a couple of minutes. First, I need to warn you against the power of those secrets.

This is what happens to those who get their hands on them. This is a long testimonial from a customer. I love it. I think it expresses perfectly what it feels like to possess these secrets.

Mr. Ducharme,

Just a little note to express my emotions. It has to get out or I'll scream.

I got your secrets Friday. I read everything from cover to cover in one shot. I literally devoured it.

Tuesday afternoon, I was ready to begin. I perfectly remember that day.

I am telling my wife (I love her) about my next new strategy (the zillion one) to finally get those visitors. She wasn't excited. Well, I can understand, nothing seems to produce results since I have started my web site. In her mind, I'm working hours for nothing. "A big waste of time", she says.

For months, I have felt like a coach on a football field inventing one strategy after another, implementing, refining, polishing and adapting the content of my web site. I also have read a lot of different marketing techniques over the past months. It's always the same. On my desk were laying mountains of old notes (I've tried everything else).

However. Who could have thought there was something more about online marketing? Where did you find this stuff? This is so different.

So I'm saying to myself; "This will work, this will work..." I press the button and ...

Boom my counter turned hot red!

All of a sudden, I just couldn't believe my eyes! My web traffic counter started spinning faster than my house's electric meter! That's fast! :blush:)

Seriously, so many people were suddenly visiting my site each hour, and I started receiving so many emails, that I had to stop my operations!

Yes, my host was an in-house server and everything was flooding! I had to transfer my website to another internet service provider because we were not capable of keeping up with the bandwidth! So I found a faster host and lightened my page by cutting down most pictures, as you mentioned, and I started promoting my site again. Well, same thing again, two hours later I was getting a monstrous mass of visitors!

I was ecstatic! The joy you feel inside is indescribable. FINALLY !!!

I followed your next steps on how to turn all those visitors into cash and BLASTOFF ... I finally started making money!

The first days were so exciting! I was smiling all day long, I just couldn't believe seeing all the money suddenly flowing in! I'm telling you, you must live this, it is an awesome feeling to reach success after trying and trying for years! I don't know what matters most at that moment, is it seeing the money rapidly rising in the bank account, or the pride of success? Whichever, it is something that not many people experience in their life!

I jumped once from a plane (parachute), and I don't know if the adrenaline I deeply felt that day compares with the trill of success!

Thank you so much, my wife admires me ... and most of all, she developed interest.

Jim Sweeney

This is generating more visitors in an
evening than what you got in this entire year!

The beauty is that, once you know how, it never stops rising and growing! You start seeing more possibilities than you imagined in the past. It's absolutely mind-boggling! Everything changes:

You can promote almost anything and make money with it because once you know how to create so much web traffic on any particular topic, there are always are people interested in what you are promoting, no matter what!

You will be able to precisely target those to whom you advertise! You can choose by categories or interest fields by simply writting a keyword. So for example, if your website is about golf, simply type "golf" and you will get thousands of golfers surfing your website just a couple of hours after! I have simplified everything!

The web is now so big that you can turn anything into money... A six-figure income can be created with very little work. Again, I'm not saying that you'll make a million dollars. On the Internet, most gurus say you should create several little sources of income. I agree. It's the safest and fastest way to succeed.

Once you have learned how to get as many visitors as you want, without paying a dime in advertising, there exist no more barriers. I even have other web site owners raging in to send me visitors and promote my site for me for FREE! Yes, I know it sounds Incredible! It's as if the doors to another world just opened. Everything changes in a snap.

On the Internet, success brings success at the speed of light. In days your bank account goes from being empty to bulging at the seams!

When you have enough visitors, you can put the business on auto-pilot, and while the cash flow is pouring in, you can be out on the golf course, or on the beach in Hawaii, or playing with your kids, or taking your sweetheart on a date, lying in your hammock, watching a game at the ballpark, sailing your boat, riding your bike, fishing, loafing, taking a nap, or – simply doing whatever YOU want to do! It's a whole new life!

I'm back from a cruise in the Caribbean (Yes, the water is that blue. I just couldn't believe my eyes!) and my bank account continued to grow and grow! Each morning, from the middle of the ocean, I would log on the Internet and check my emails. My PC at home responded to an astounding 90% of these automatically. (Yes, it logs on all by itself and auto-responds to all my mail and orders every 3 minutes! I will also show you how to do this too!) The 10% left was answered by my customer service. It took me a couple of minutes to verify if everything was running smooth and I continued to visit paradise! Imagine having 20,000 visitors a day coming into your store while you are touring on Jamaicas' and Mexicos' beaches.

This is filled up with the practical, real-world strategies that are needed to build an incredibly successful Internet business. Techniques that actually are proven to make money online!

Not just some useless theories that SOUND good on paper.

These are not burned methods that used to work years ago.

Ok, now once and for all, let's play with open cards on the table:

If you want to get A LOT of visitors on your website, you only have 2 choices :

A- You can choose to take the long road:
You can continue to search everywhere on the web for FREE information promising you get-rich-quick schemes and most of them selling you hype and just ripping you off or stealing your money- Don't bother doing that, you will get a headache and it will take you years of reading and testing. With the result being the frustration of being taken advantage of.

Buy how-to books that take a dictionary and 6 months of reading to translate their jargon ! (It’s like they feel more important if they write words nobody understands!)

Travel around the world and pay hundreds and even thousands to attend different marketing seminars like I do. (It can be fun if you have the time, but do you?)

Day after day, write down hundreds of pages of notes to extract the essential parts and the main ideas of some webmasters in newsgroups (Most call themselves web MASTERS but in reality they are WEB site OWNERS with wrong techniques. It simply doesn't work. Some of their "tricks" can even harm your reputation and business.)

And after all that, spend countless hours testing everything, and investing thousands of dollars in advertising to find out which ones really do or do not work.

If you're not careful, getting info from others can be a lot like buying "assembly required" furniture -- there are a slew of bits and pieces... a mind-boggling assortment of nuts, bolts, and nails... and "directions" that are poorly translated from another language!

You may not get enough visitors until years later, discouraging yourself and leaving a bad taste in your mouth when you will think of your webmaster experience! Do you want to stay in the 95%? Aren't you tired of waiting for something to happen?

B- OR You can take the short road:

Do what works! You'll have a clear game plan. Stop losing time and money. Keep it simple, easy and fast. AND GET HIGH TRAFFIC TOMORROW! It's that simple. I'm going to give you a step-by-step wealth-building blueprint to follow. Something clear to solidly plant in your mind. THE GOOD WAY. You'll be able to follow this just like the recipe on a box of chocolate cake.

Achieving success on the Internet is kind of like baking a great cake. To bake a cake you will use a recipe. Put all the measured ingredients in the right order, pop it in the oven and you will end up with a delicious cake. Don't try to make the same cake without a recipe or by changing the ingredients along the way. Chances are you're not going to end up with a cake at all. In fact, you're probably just going to end up with one heck of a mess! It's the same way with marketing online. Find someone who has already created the business you want and follow their recipe.

Do you need money this week ?

The secrets adapt to any kind of online business. And it's easy, fast and simple. It goes from basics to web site hits!

Oh, by the way, in case you don't already have a product/service of your own to offer on your web site, it's no longer a problem. You won't ever have to worry again about searching endless hours to find which opportunity is better than the others, because I will tell you where to find the best sellers of the hour.

A very FAST start-up system. Just in case you get bored offering the same product/service on your web site, you can even change and restart making extravagant money in less than 15 minutes with another product. Everything is already in place to help you start in minutes. You simply copy and paste and use my 9 Step Free Advertising tactics. It's so simple!

You can make money promoting any sport, any software, games, music, books, business opportunities ... and start again next week with diets, health or anything else! You can even make money giving away free jokes and free funny pictures! Yes, I'll also show you how to make money even if you give away FREE stuff! There is no limit!

You can make money, no matter what subject your web page is about... even if you are talking about how much you love your dog! This is not a joke. (Even if you don't have a website, you can make crazy money in your spare time by email.)

Fast, fast, fast. You need money fast!


What you'll find out will blow your mind!

You will succeed because it is simple to make money when someone who is succeeding (at this precise hour, not one year ago) reveals his actual secrets, and tells you exactly what to do in step 1, step 2, step 3 ... you get the picture !

You can start minutes after the reading. No hassle, no maybe, no "I think I'm gonna try", nothing other than a real fast start because you will simply follow CLEAR STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS:

In step 1: You do this, you go there, and do that precisely
In step 2: You do this, you go there and do that, that's it!
In step 3: ...

You just cannot fail with this easy process that directly leads you in a straight line to visitors and cash into YOUR pockets.


NOBODY else is doing this on the market, NOBODY else is showing you this. NOBODY else has ever promise you this in the past and NOBODY else will make you this offer.

You'll love this: All the secrets are explained in a short format. It gets right to the point. Not 1000 pages long of blah blah blah in technical format like others. I've concentrated everything you need under 9 simple steps. Beyond everything I experimented, I am revealing only the techniques that really work! No waste of time.

So, are you impressed? Sure you are! You have never seen anything like this in your cyberlife!

Do you clearly understand the astonishing value of the information you'll possess?

Sometimes we don't realize how big and powerful some offers are. So for example, let's compare this with normal business: Let's say that you have a store downtown, and you know the way to get 1 MILLION visitors in your store without paying for any advertising. How much would this kind of information be worth to you?

I predict you'll soon be addicted to this "game" and want to play it every day!

You can immediately create a vortex drawing people in by the thousands and start vacuuming in visitors.

Many people invest thousands in advertising fees, my secrets show you how to completely eliminate advertising costs.

Marketing experts already pay $5,000 to get such courses. And I guarantee it's nowhere close to mine. Most of the time, these marketers are just out of school and they know nothing about what it really takes to market online. Worse still, their programs are already out-dated.

Even marketing conventions are more popular than ever. People crave them. Rooms are filled-up to the ceiling. I run after every single event just to keep up with the updates to inform you of the latest discoveries. It's a passion for me. I'm always up-to-date. ... even at $4000 a seat.

I know another marketing course selling for $1,500. Most good online marketing books/courses are sold between $97 to $500.

Please, don't get caught buying one at $25 thinking it will show you how to make it happen. I'm telling you, it won't. I know because I have bought them all to see for myself. These books are only filled-up with links and half-witted advice. They are selling their webpage re-edited.

My course is full of hidden secrets. In addition of revealing my valuable secrets on how to get 1 million free visitors, I also take all their best information, knowledge, lessons and accumulated wealth building secrets and place them into my course. It's like having the knowledge of hundreds of marketing experts evolved and adapted into (1) course!!

You can discover all the secrets that made me a self-made multi-millionaire on the Internet for only $197. You know very well that this is peanuts compared to what one very small advertising campaign costs. Most e-zines worth advertising in, will cost you well over $1000 for just ONE ad! And you also know that it is only the beginning of your advertising expenses… the ads may work or not, but you will still be dishing out money every time you will want traffic. You WILL need to renew it, day after day, after day in order to continue creating sales! I mean, this is so obvious! Any businessman knows that some insights WILL make you so successful, while lack of knowledge WILL break you.

And perhaps, now that you know that there ARE efficient ways on the Internet to avoid paying for advertising, from now on, if you don't download my secrets, you will hate yourself to no end, every time you'll have to buy again and again, as ever… more ad space!!! It will never end!!! ... unless you discover what I know. Every time, you'll remember that you could have discovered the secrets revealed by that self-made multi-millionaire. And… at that point, you will want to find your way back here. (But maybe you won't even remember which website it was. (I know, because I do that mistake myself sometimes :) and perhaps, this very info won't be available anymore by that time.)

I've already made way over 2 million dollars selling this hidden info over the past weeks, and I'm already getting warnings from some marketing gurus, to stop revealing this right NOW ... So, before I close too many doors for my own business (I have joint ventures going on with many of them), this is your last chance to get your hands on it!

You can spend years going to bed at 5a.m. and surfing the web with dark bags under your eyes -- like I did -- figuring out what works and what doesn't. Or you can get my knowledge.

I can guarantee you will most likely spend the next 2 years of your life searching the internet for what is already contained and revealed within this course. And I know a lot of people who have been online for 5 years and still don't know one/tenth of what I know.

If you want to order my package, I insist you do so entirely at my risk. That is why the course comes with a... No risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. There is absolutely NO RISK on your part with this thirty-day 100% Money-back Guarantee. What I mean is, I want you to order without feeling you might "get taken". After all, I am a very respected consultant and my reputation is on the line. Therefore, I want you to order this material it, use it... if it is not 100% what I claim it to be, simply return it for an immediate refund of your purchase price. You simply can't lose

You become my protégé for the next 6 months.
Because the Internet changes so fast, I want to keep you continuously updated. By staying continuously in touch by email, when new marketing techniques are discovered, you'll instantly be informed. With all the close connections I have, I can tell you BEFORE everyone knows. This permits you to create an awesome boost each time before the others even know what's happening. Each notice will be a hit. A Value of $200!

Hi there,

Neil Shearing here,

It's not often I send a special note, but I've got an important one for you. :)

Here's a bit of background you may find interesting...

When one of my affiliates signed up, almost exactly a year ago, I was intrigued. He made bold claims, so I decided to watch his activity closely.

He claimed to be "the free ad guru" and said he knew how to get "one million hits" without any advertising budget!

I was very skeptical.

But, over the past year he's shown me that he CAN generate huge amounts of traffic AND sales.

I KNOW he generates a huge amount of traffic because I've watched site climb from nowhere into the top 10,000 most visited websites in the past year!

I KNOW he makes a ton of sales because he promotes my Success Spider software as an affiliate and I've sent him several thousand dollars in commissions this year!

So, this guy has turned out to be the "real deal".

He creates tons of traffic and makes tons of sales.

People who can do that are the EXACT people YOU should
learn from.


Neil Shearing, Ph.D.

By doing everything on your own, close minded to others experience, you are only wasting a lot of your energy, time and money. Ho, I respect your perseverance, but today don’t you think that you have burned enough of your time and patience? Isn't it time for all of your work to start paying off?

The alternative is to slave away by the hour at some kind of work you don't really care about and end up tired and broke at the end of the game. Life is too short to live that way.

The difference between those who succeed and those who don't is simply ACTION. I assure you that the hardest part is to click here. After that, everything is pure ease, you just have to follow the steps!

I know that even if tomorrow I would lose everything I possess, I can get back on my feet, and in less than a few weeks I will gain everything back again.

You'll always have a second stream of income to back up critical moments when unexpected money problems appear from nowhere.

Everyone can be afraid of changing things... I don't see it that way, I only see the fun of living more! There are so many pleasant things in life, I don't ever want to say that I can't live them just because a bank account (or lack there of!) stops my dreams! What about you? If you want more time, money and freedom

P.S.: Do you know what I love best since I have found my success? Is it financial security and freedom? Well yes, financial security is marvelous and freedom to work where and when I want (in the comfort of my home which is why I have named my website MoneyHome, or while traveling), but what I prefer most of all is this: The respect I see in other's eyes now when they look at me. Everything has changed. To them I am no more a dreamer, now I am a doer, a person that goes after his dreams and takes action to realize all of them! Which is rare and(best of all) ... they know it!

The only thing that is missing for you to live all your dreams with todays technology is getting web traffic. You know that. I cannot show you how to cook, and do mechanics, but I can surely show you how to get visitors and subscribers like you never have before. (I'm doing it right now. You are on my page right?


I want you to know that I have bought at least $10,000 (this is not an exaggeration!) worth of "how to" info and I feel that your course was the most valuable. Most of the stuff out there is big on theory and schemes but very little "hands on."

By the way, I saw Anthony Robbins a couple of years ago. He was a great speaker but didn't add one penny to my company's income! Your course was detailed, with exact steps and very easy to follow.

Thank You!
Cory Johnson
Two Bears Publishing, Inc.

Dear Mr. Ducharme,

I felt it necessary and urgent that I write to you and to share with you my good fortune. This is so incredible that if I hadn't seen and experienced this for myself that I would still be as skeptical as I was several days ago. I've been marketing on the net for a little under two years now. In that time I've tried a swag of different businesses and marketing techniques, which promised the world, but were lucky to blow up a bit of dust.

I studied your web site recently, and decided to contact you regarding your offer. I was open-minded as always and was preparing myself for the whole gauntlet of re-testing ads, applying the same old techniques etc. My God Mr. Ducharme, was I ever BLOWN AWAY!!.

I know that you indicate that it doesn't take long to use your techniques etc, but look. I wrote you one morning, and that very afternoon you returned my details. In the space of about twelve hours your advice literally turned my whole world up-side-down, shook out the garbage, and turned itself back up the right way it should have been from the start.

Before receiving your advice, I was facing a sea of debt every day. My family was suffering, my marriage was suffering and life looked very grim from my front door. But you have changed all that for me Mr Ducharme. In twelve hours you changed every aspect of my life so much that we now have to establish new goals and plans to accommodate for the incredible growth and change that your advice made on our lives and our future.

We don't know how to thank you Mr. Ducharme, except to say that where ever possible please show others this letter so that they can see that dreams can come true. You certainly made ours come true. Your style and professionalism is second to none. Your advice is 100% PROVEN TO WORK, faster and better than anything else, and your standing and integrity as an individual and a marketing expert is absolutely second to none.

You have been honest with us in every capacity and we remain indebted to you for your courage to give to the world the secrets that the Marketing Gurus you mentioned are so keen to keep to them selves. We used to hold those folk in the highest esteem believing they were magnificent men in marketing. But, after dealing with you and seeing the incredible and literally overnight changes you made in our lives, we hold you in their place as the only PROVEN MARKETING MAN WHO KNOWS WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT.

Stephan Ducharme, you are head and shoulders above the rest. You gave your time and wisdom to us when others wouldn't even recognize our letters.You're THE MAN!!.

Why do I feel like you're my best friend? Probably because your honesty and kindness along with your better than professional marketing skills has revealed the path to wealth and prosperity for my family and I. Until following up the information after reading your very informative web site, I realized I've just been banging my head against a brick wall when it comes to building a future and marketing on the net. Receiving your course has literally turned my life around. With what I know now, there is absolutely nothing to hold me back.

Practically overnight you turned my life around so much that we have to re-think our goals to get them into a perspective that's big enough to allow for the financial growth that we're expecting. I wish I'd seen your site along time ago. It would have saved me so much unnecessary work, late nights, and a huge saving in money. Your the best Mr Ducharme. You truly are the FREE AD GURU. Thanks to you and your site, I now have incredible wealth and freedom to look forward to. You've turned my life around and I can't thank you enough.

If anybody is reading this, then do yourself the best favor you ever could and get on this mans program. You'll see why Stephan Ducharme is a hero in my eyes. He's a WINNER.

Do as he does, and you'll never look back. JUST DO IT!!

Yours sincerely
Victor H McCormick
Townsville, Queensland Australia.

Dear Stephan,

I am so excited it is scaring me, never before has anything been laid out in such a way that all you have to do is follow the recipe, I have searched for this type of information for 3 months that’s a minimum of 4 hours during the evenings and 8-14 hours on the weekends.

GOD bless the day you were born sir. I wish everyone was as straight forward about their information instead of making things seem better then they are (pipedream scenario) by applying your techniques I can look forward to the life I have always wanted to live with my wife and family. You have saved me an immeasurable amount of time and effort THANK YOU.

Just follow this man’s lead he is here to help you realize the potential of this thing we call the W3, he has certainly opened my eyes and ears so to say.

Warmest Regards,
Denny Henke.

Hello Stephan Ducharme:

Hello my name is Thomas Yarmoski. I am a police officer in Pittsburgh, PA and I just purchased your course on "How To Get 1 Million Visitors On Your Web Site Without Paying A Dime In Advertising".

I have been reading it and cannot put it down. It has a wealth of information. It is nice to know there is someone out there in the internet world that is honest and down to earth and not trying to rip people off selling programs on making money on the internet and not telling you how to make it. You give all the meat and potatoes for your recipe completely on how to do everything by painting by numbers. I couldn't believe when I called you at your phone number, you were at home and answered my questions by phone.

Thank you very much.

Officer Thomas Yarmoski
Pittsburgh, PA

"How could I imagine how lost in the open field I was.

Each day, back from work, I'd jump to the PC, I'd go filled with fresh hope, staying up till 5 am, endlessly promoting one program after another, the bags under my eyes and my credit card bill getting ever bigger!

And so even my wife was now doubting that I was ever going to succeed on the internet. I was so desperate to make all those hours night after night to pay off, to have something to show for my efforts. I just wanted to be able to say to my wife "Hey baby come and see how much we made last night!" To see the look of pride in her eyes, to hear her say " See darling, I told you, you could do it"

I wanted to be proud of what I was doing, to have something to show for it, so that when family and friends asked how I was doing, I could hold my head up and tell them...."I'm doing GREAT!" Instead of the constant "I told you so's" and "What you wasting your time on that rubbish for"

It as to be said though that there were a few times that I started to listen to them, I very nearly gave up.

I can remember many a sleepless night after buying this course and joining that MLM program - filled with fresh hope and enthusiasm I'd stay up most of the night reading this course and promoting that program, trying the same old marketing methods I'd been told would flood my affiliate site with traffic and sales. I'd grab a few hours sleep (if I could) then off to work the next day, dog tired, but telling myself that it was going to be worth it - this time - I'd get home check my emails and guess what ..........
..............NOT ONE SALE.

The constant frustration of all those lonnnnnnng nights promoting, buying advertising and watching my hit counter increase by 1 or 2 every time I checked!

(- Aaaaah I could scream . or cry)

I always seemed to be on someone else's mailing list, in someone else's downline- following him/her to the next 'dead cert.' program.

And to make matters worse there waiting for me on the kitchen table, was my credit card bill, and sat next to it, my normally gorgeous wife, giving me 'that' look - the look that would scare Satan himself! "Boy have I got some explaining to do"

I didn't have money to burn (who does?) so every time I used my credit card I was filled with tremendous guilt. I used to offset this guilt by telling myself that this time it would be different though, I would make enough money this time to pay off the damn credit card, this time....

I remember that day, when the penny finally dropped!

" It doesn't matter what product, service or program I'm trying to promote if nobody sees my damn webpage! Traffic, that's what
I need! "

So off I went searching the net for anything that would 'Show me the way' It wasn't long before I realized that unless someone knew something I didn't, it was going to cost me a small fortune to get targeted traffic to my site..... And so my story goes on like this for over 3 years, shit 3 years of my life, my kids lives, my marriage. I was now
very very desperate and near wits end - I have never had a breakdown, but I must have come pretty close to it.

I couldn't stop searching for THE way, because I just couldn't imagine that my life would have been to go get another crappy job, earning a pittance and hating every minute of it........ I deserved more than that !

........ and just when I was totally discouraged, there you appeared, Stephan. I can't thank God enough.

Stephan, I have no words to express what your info have done for me and my family."

Neal Lindley

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