How to extract e-mail addresses found in Excel



I am trying to extract the e-mail addresses from an Excel file. Below is
the formula I have been trying to use, but apparently my "formula" is
incorrect and I get an error. I only know Excel from using it and I'm in
over my head. Could someone help me please.

AA is the new column to acculumulate all e-mail addresses
J is the column where individual addresses are stored.

To get e-mail addresses:
In a new column (ie. AA1) type new name of field.
Then go to AA2, type in 1st e-mail cell (ie. =J2)
Then go to AA3, type =AA2&","J3
Then copy this formula all the way down.

Also, the above brings in all of the blank cells and appears with only the
"," (i.e. ,,,,). Is there a to omit these from the "formula"?

Thank you for any assistance.



Thank you. While this is probably not the best way to do this, it was a way
to extract the e-mail addresses from column J3 to create an e-mail
distibution list i could edit to remove the ",,,,," for blank addresses, then
copy and paste into the bcc: e-mail field. I've sent hours trying to figure
out why it wouldn't work. The missing & is the reason. I wish I had the
knowledge to do what I want with Excel, but it's learn as I go. :)

Thanks again.

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