How to enable to click a checkbox?



I would like to create a checkbox and edit the font size.

Click View -> Toolbars -> Control Toolbox
Add the checkbox from that toolbar to your worksheet, then right-click on
the checkbox and choose Properties.

In the properties window, select 'Font', then click the '...' button to the
right of the font name. The Font style window will open, at which point you
can change the size, type, etc..

How can I modify this checkbox? when I click this box, then the box will
show a check mark.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do it?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions


When I click the checkbox, it shows the check mark, but
when I click the checkbox again, the check mark will be gone.
Do you have any suggestions on how to do it in Excel?
Thank you very much for any suggestions

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