How to do ALLUSERS = 1




I am using Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual Installer 1.1
I want to Build MSI and make shortcut for all user
I refer some help they told me to make ALLUSERS = 1
I was finding ALLUSER property .
Plz tell me location of ALLUSER property
or how to do ALLUSERS = 1
or give me any suggetion

Ashok Soyanke

Phil Wilson

It might work to use Orca (from the Windows Installer SDK) to add ALLUSERS
to the Property table with a value of 1. I haven't used the VS 6 installer
for so long I forget how the ALLUSERS values might be set internally during
the install.

Do yourself a favor and move up to VS 2003. A setup project is a setup
project, and you can use a VS 2003 setup project to install VS 6 apps, plus
VS 2003 will install alongside VS 6.0.

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