How to display owner of a process, and its parent process ID?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 2000' started by void, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. void

    void Guest

    I notice that in the task manager of Windows XP, it shows the username of
    the processes. However, the task manager in Windows 2000 does not display
    that. Is there any utility that will display the owners of processes? If
    it could also display the process ID of the parent process, that would be
    nice too.
    void, Nov 10, 2006
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  2. void

    PiErre Guest

    void ha scritto:
    until last week I would have answered to look to Mark Russinovich site
    called www . sysinternals . com, but it has been "assimilated" by
    microsoft and
    its current link is

    and, more in detail, for a cool taskmanager replacement:

    (assuming that M$ is not wasted Mark's work ;-PP)
    PiErre, Nov 10, 2006
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