how to display multiple charts on a single chart sheet


Peter Gonzalez

I know there is a way to display multiple charts on a single chart sheet i
just can't figure out how can i please get a little guidance to complete the
data report that i am putting together.

RIght now I have two charts each in one single chart sheet. I've tried copy
and paste and moving the chart location but I can't get what i'm lookin for.
Help me what am i doing wrong




EXCEL 2007

Hi Peter.

Try the following:-

1. Hit F1 to launch the Help Facility.

2. The third line down is a section called:-

Browse Excel Help

Click on:-


- in this section.

3. Next click on:-


4. The 8th topic down is called:-

Displaying multiple charts on a chart sheet

Select this.

5. Now select:-

Read Article

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