how to disable windows messenger after installing msn messenger


Andy Fish


I recently "upgraded" from windows messenger (5.1 I think) to msn messenger.
in my naïveté I thought it would uninstall (or at least disable) windows

Now every time I log in I get a message from msn messenger saying I have
been logged out because I logged in somewhere else. Then when I log into msn
messenger I get a message from windows messenger saying I have been logged
out because I logged in somewhere else.

I tried add/remove control panel but I can't find any way of uninstalling
windows messenger.



Andy Fish

Ok, after a bit more faffing I managed to find the solution.

To disable windows messenger you need to go into the preferences and
de-select "run windows messenger when windows starts"

Unfortunately when you install MSN messenger it somehow hides the windows
messenger icon on the systray and removes windows messenger from the start
menu. so there's no way you can get into windows messenger to disable it

so the procedure is: uninstall MSN messenger; then windows messenger
re-appears on the start menu; go into windows messenger and set it not to
run on startup; then quit windows messenger and install msn messenger again.

I'm glad I have 10 years experience programming and administering PCs - how
an end user is supposed to work this kind of thing out is anyones guess.

Harrison Hoffman

I'm sorry that you had so much trouble with this, but it is good to hear
that you got it sorted out.

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