Windows Messenger AND MSN Messenger



Hi there,

Wondering if you can help me out?

I have XP Home Edition installed on my computer at home. I wish to use MSN
MEssenger instead of the standard Windows Messenger.

However, when I install MSN Messenger, i find that either both messengers
start up or if I can just get MSN Messenger running, my computer freezes up

Is there a way i can get rid of the Windows Messenger and just have MSN

I have tried to uninstall windows messenger, but going to ADD/REMOVE
programs, its not listed there?


I hope this works. You go to Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs. At
the left hand side, can you see there are 4 tabs: Click on Add/Remove
Windows Component. There would a Windows Component Wizard table pops
out. Scroll down and UNTICK the Windows Messenger. Next>..... Voila!

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