how to diaplay compare merge dialog box


Priyanka Choudhari


I had hooked "Compare Merge workbook" button in Addin When button pressed
event occurs and control get pass to following function.

Private Shared Sub cmdComparMerge_Click(ByVal Ctrl As
Microsoft.Office.Core.CommandBarButton, ByRef CancelDefault As Boolean)
Handles cmdComparMerge.Click
CancelDefault = True

Catch ex as Exception
End Try
End Sub

but I am not able to display the Merge dialog box. Instead exception get
thrown as "Show method of Dialogs class Failed".

Could anybody tell me how to display a Compare Merge dialog box?

I am able to do this in Word addin. This is needed because I wanted to know
which document is going to be compared and does not allow user to compare
certain documents.

Priyanka Choudhari.


For Word 2007 it is not working ....

dlg = Application.Dialogs(Word.WdWordDialog.wdDialogToolsCompareDocuments)

It doesnot provide filenames of documents which are to be compared

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