Word 2007: How to Compare current document?


Roshan Q

Scenario: a Word document attached to an e-mail message is opened. The user
then wants to compare the document against another version of it in the My
Documents folder.

In Word 2003, this is how it works: when a document is open, the Tools --
'Compare and Merge Documents' command opens a dialog box to select a
(revised) document to compare against the open (original) document. Only the
revised document needs to be selected; Word assumes that the original
document is the open document.

However, in Word 2007, even with a document open, the Review -- Compare
command opens a dialog box which requires that BOTH the original document and
the revised document be selected. In other words, the user has to select
BOTH documents even through one is already open.

Is there a way in Word 2007 to have the "Original Document" or "Revised
Document" field (it doesn't matter which) pre-populated with the open
document? Or is there any other way to easily have the comparison use the
open document as the original? Remember that is this scenario one of the
documents was opened from Outlook and the user has no idea where on the
computer it is.

Peter T. Daniels

You should never try to work on a document opened directly from email.
Save it to your hard drive first.

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