How to delete archived files


Bob English

I have what appears to be Excel 2007 produced tmp files (like 4C3AD104.tmp)
which I can't copy, move or delete because their properties are checked
Archive. The property will not change. How do I get rid of these files?

Dave Peterson

Are you sure that they have that .tmp extension?

I'm not sure about xl2007, but...

When xl2003 and older saves the file, it saves it as a temporary file with a
funny name (8 characters--no extension) in the same folder.

If the save is successful, xl will delete the original (or rename it to its
backup name (like "backup of book1.xlk)) and if that's successful, xl will
rename the funny named file to the original's name.

If that extension is not really used, then I'd try closing excel and deleting
the file.

If that doesn't work, reboot and try deleting them.

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