How to delete album art / folder picture



How do I remove the album art from my music files? as some of the displayed
pictures are not the album cover for the songs I'm playing. This goes for the
folder containing the song too.

I had already gone to the advanced tag editor option in WMP 11 and no
pictures are shown there. For the folder picture, i had gone to the
"customise" tab and try to change the picture by clicking "use default", but
cant restore it to a normal yellow folder look; i had also checked to show
all hidden files option for my folders, but no image files shown.....

The problem had gone even worse, my "My Music" folder in my D drive had gone
nuts too, it's now displaying some picture that was downloaded from the web
rather than the usual yellow folder with the tune figure.... that might had
came from one of the files i had downloaded from the web. Isnt it supposed to
be a special folder that we dont have the "customise" tab in properties, and
that we cant change it's look? How can I change it back to what it normally

Am so frustrated, please help!!!!!!!! many thanks!!!!!!!


I have this EXACT same problem.

I pretty much had to delete all the pictures in my music folder, cut all of
the songs and paste them into a new one.

Windows will assume ANY picture in a folder applies to all the songs in it.
Which is great if you have a well organized catalogue, but I don't......

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