Embed Album Art into the music file



I am trying to automatically embed the album art info into the tag of the
music file itself. The purpose is so that my portable music device can
display the album art. I have tried this out for one file, and I can confirm
that if the album art is in the file itself, then it will be display in my

There is a way to manually do this. I already have most of the album art for
my music files, in fact my library in WMP shows the album art for 90% of my
music files. The manual procedure is to open the file using the advanced tag
editor in WMP 11, going to the picture tag and adding a cover file. This is a
painful procedure, as the hidden album art files have to be sifted through
visually as there is no naming procedure for these files.

Now, I was wondering if there was a way to automatically take the album art
information existing in my WMP library, and make that art embedded into the
file for all my files. Doing it one at a time would be a gargantuan task.

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