How to create/embed table or existing Excel spreadsheet into Lotus Notes 6.5 email



I have been successful in creating and sending an email through Lotus
Notes. However, I need to be able to format the body so that the
message is more presentable. Currently, I filter a spreadsheet based
on two named ranges and send an email to the SOX audit team member
copy the SOX control owner. I copy the values from selected columns
on the visible rows and separate those values by tabs.

However, the presentation is bad as the data is variable in length
therefore the alignment is not correct. I would like to learn how to
create/embed either a table into the Lotus Notes email body or embed
an Excel spreadsheet into the Lotus Notes email body.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi BooBoo

Look on this site for information

Sending mail from Lotus Notes (XL-Dennis)


Regards Ron de Bruin

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Excellent article, however, this creates a picture of the worksheet.
I actually want to either create a Lotus Notes embedded table or embed
the worksheet as an object in the email body. In this manner, the
user can manipulate the worksheet.

Thanks for that site! It is a really great site and I will be using
it in the future!

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