How to copy Table of Contents and move to another document?



I have a table of contents in Doc 1, I'm creating another document (Doc 2)
and want to include Doc 1's Table of Contents into it. The problem i'm
having is that there is nothing to link it to now and it won't print - it has
the error message. What can I do to get it to print in the new document?



The TOC is actually a field. Normally, you see the results of the field
(that's the TOC text). But you can also look at the field itself. To do this,
point to the TOC, right-click, then click Toggle Field Codes. That's the
field you're looking at now. To change the view back, repeat the process.

The result of the field depends on what actual content Word finds in the
document. Since there isn't any similar content in your Document 2, when the
field is updated, you probably get an error message to that effect.

What you may want to do is convert a copy of that field to plain text:

1. Copy the TOC in Document 1.
2. Paste it into Document 2.
3. Before you do anything else, press Ctrl+Shift+F9

This converts the copy to plain text, which will NOT change automatically --
and won't give you an error message when you print, either.

By the way, it was looking good until you tried to print, because Word can
automatically update fields at print time. This may be an option on your
Tools > Options > Print tab. But I don't know if you can actually control how
TOC fields are handled using this option.


Windows XP, Word 2000

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