how to copy acces database field into word document



I' l be very glad if someone could help me to learn, how could i insert the
copy of access field into word document. I look for information regarding
posibility of diferent way of clasical insert merge fields into document. For
example I saw the word document with access fields inserted, but each field
was delimited with sqare brackets.

Thank you in advance.

Pat Hartman

The square brackets should not print. If you prefer not to see them at all,
go to Tools/Options and uncheck the show bookmarks box.


I am grateful for the answers of both. But maybe I didnt put the question
What I was have in mind was. I would like to place the database fields in to
the document like I put the fields into access report, in the same format,
which was ment like this. "[Filed name]"

With regards.

And thank you both again.

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