Importing Word document into memo field



I have a word document that I need to import into a memo field. If I use the
TransferText command, it breaks the Word document into multiple records. I
just want to import or copy the entire Word document into on field in one
record of a table. Formatting is not important, so the Word document can be
saved as a text file if that helps. What's the easiest way to do this? I
would like to automate the procedure and not do a manual copy and paste.

Paul Shapiro

Are you trying to import the text from the Word document, or the document
itself, retaining the formatting? Only the text would go in a Memo field.
The document would go into an OLEObject field. If you use an ole object data
type, it would be a bound object control on a form. Right-clicking the
control would give a popup menu to insert an existing object. You can also
load an existing document into the field using VBA code.

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