How to copy a whole Excel spreadsheet page in 2007 vs 2003?



In Excel 2003 while in a workbook I could go to the Edit drop down menu at
the top bar, and from that choose "Copy or Move...(whole page)". I could use
this to copy a whole page/worksheet -- keeping all the data and the
formatting (for ease of updating reports of data that changes monthly). I
could then update and rename the page. I could even copy the whole
spreadsheet into a new or specified other workbook. This would save me much
time reformatting a blank new spreadsheet with all the same columns,
headings, and repeat of 80% of the data.
Now I have Excel 2007, I cannot find how to copy a whole spreadsheet
page. Can anyone advise me how to do this in Excel 2007? Thanks





Gord Dibben

Right-click on Sheet Tab and "Move or Copy"

2007 and 2003 both the same.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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