How to convert (or edit) MTS files?


Birk Binnard

My new Panasonic camera creates HD video files in MTS format. I can
load and MTS file into Moviemaker 2 (Vista32 SP1) but the preview shows
only a blank screen. If I try to publish the MTS file Moviemaker
creates a small WMV file but it has nothing in it.

I also installed the MS WMEncoder software but this fails to convert the
MTS file also. It will load the MTS file as input, complete the
conversion process, but only a blank WMV file results.

Google returns many articles on people trying to edit MTS files but the
only ones who seem to be able to do it use Sony's $500 Vegas Pro
editor. Does this mean there is no way Moviemaker can edit MTS files?
Jun 7, 2010
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What u need is a professional mts video converter. I always use Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter to help convert mts files to other regular formats including WMV. It is easy to use and offers me less quality loss of output files. It just can help u convert mts to wmv for editing in WMM greatly.

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