How to choose the best straightener for you?

Discussion in 'Microsoft ADO .NET' started by ghdfans2010, May 27, 2010.

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    Straighten or curl ? These are the most common things when we style
    our hair. So the best investment you can make is in a hair
    straightening iron. With the extremely versatile tools, you can do
    whatever hairstyle you like such as curly .straight or wavy. As you
    know, you can benefit from a good straightener which can make your
    hair more shine and less damage. Otherwise often straightening with
    the poor quality straighteners will make your hair frizz, even loss.
    It’s important to choose the best tools for you and for your hair. The
    following is the items you need to consider when choose a

    Probably the first thing you should keep in mind when looking at hair
    straighteners, is the type of plate that it uses. The main plate types
    that are used today are metal, glass, ceramic, titanium and a
    combination of ceramic and titanium.
    Metal or glass plates are commonly found on hair straighteners that
    are less expensive and for good reason. These plates simply are not
    good for your hair. The plates do not heat very quickly which means it
    takes much longer to prepare the iron for styling and when they do
    heat up, these plates do not heat evenly, which will cause hot spots
    on the plates that can burn your hair. Often glass and metal plates
    will be covered with paint which can chip or peel causing snags, pulls
    and tears in your hair. These hair straighteners often cause damage to
    the hair leaving it looking very unhealthy.

    Ceramic plated hair irons are very common because they heat up evenly
    preventing any hot spots that can damage your hair. They also heat
    very quickly which means you can start styling when you are ready, not
    when your iron is. The ceramic works to smooth your hair, leaving it
    looking shiny and healthy. The ghd hair straighteners adopt the unique
    ceramic technology heats up to its maximum temperature in seconds and
    can generate infrared ray and negative ion which locks in moisture,
    natural oils, and hair color for total hair protection .
    A Titanium Hair Straightener is an excellent choice because they are
    very strong but also lightweight so you won’t get a sore arm styling
    your hair. Like ceramic, they also heat up evenly and quickly.
    Titanium is a naturally occurring element that maintains its heat very
    evenly and without a great deal of fluctuation which makes it much
    easier for you to safely style your hair quickly and efficiently.

    The newest innovation with hair straightening plates is with the
    addition of tourmaline. Tourmaline is an element that occurs naturally
    in nature that reacts to heat by becoming negatively charged. The
    negative ions that are produced are emitted and work to dry the hair
    from the inside of the shaft – out. This process actually allows the
    straightener to heat the hair more quickly than other irons which
    means that there is less overall heat applied to the hair, decreasing
    the chance of damage. Tourmaline also works to make your hair look
    healthier because as the iron is working, it actually closes the
    cuticle of the hair shaft allowing it to lay flat which makes hair
    look shiny and healthy instead of dry and damaged. These irons also
    eliminate static, so there is no more frizzies to deal with.

    Other Features – Although the plate type is probably the most
    important thing to look for in a hair straightener, it’s not the only
    thing. You will also want to look for an iron that has a temperature
    adjustment. Having a temperature adjustment is very important because
    not everyone’s hair is created the same. If you have damaged, color
    treated or very fine hair, you will need a lower temperature setting
    (180 º C) so you don’t risk the possibility of burning or damaging
    your hair. However, if you have very thick, coarse hair or have very
    tight curls, you will need a higher temperature setting (190- 210 º C)
    in order to achieve the effect you are looking for. Being able to
    adjust the temperature to suit your needs is a major bonus if you have
    any special considerations.
    Consider the size of the hair straightener as well. If you have short
    hair, you may want to opt for a narrower iron, something that is only
    1” – 1.5” wide. Narrow irons are also effective if you already have
    straight hair, and are using the iron to create shine and healthy
    hair. The most common size for hair straighteners are 1 ¼” to 1 ½”.The
    ghd mini styler is specially designed for urban angels with short
    hair, men's hair and fringes with the narrow plates,However, if you
    have very long hair you may want to try up to a 2” or 3” plate size in
    order to save time and get your straightening done more efficiently.I
    think the ghd IV Salon styler is the best choice for you. With the
    widest plates of all stylers the salon styler is ideal for controlling
    longer, thicker hair or creating bigger, softer curls.

    Other things you might want to consider is the weight of an iron. Are
    you going to get a sore arm every day when you style your hair? If the
    hair straightener is too heavy, it will be awkward and uncomfortable
    to use. Also look for a long swivel cord on a hair straightener. It
    seems like a simple thing however avoiding tangles and annoying cord
    bunch ups will make your styling experience much easier.

    The last thing to consider before making your decision is also one of
    the biggest – the price of the hair straightener. Of course, you have
    your own budget to work with when it comes to buying a hair
    straightener, however before you make your decision based solely on
    price; there are still many hair products costing less money but at a
    reasonable price. you should defiantly weigh all the options. A
    professional hair straightener will last longer, give you the hair
    style you desire and create healthy, beautiful hair.The professional
    and cheap ghd may be a good choice for you.
    Be sure to balance all of the major factors when making your decision
    about what hair straightener will work the best for you and you will
    soon have beautifully straight, shiny and healthy hair.
    ghdfans2010, May 27, 2010
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