How to check for changes on the BindingSource/DataView, before they are poppulated to Datatables



Hi there,
It's a simple and common scenario, i have a data entry form with two
buttons at bottom 'Apply changes' and 'Cancel'. I use Datasets.
I want to enable/disable these buttons, depending on, if the user has
made a single change to the data in some visual control.
How do i check if there were done any changes through the controls,
which are not yet updated to the dataset.
I must check somehow the BindingSource or its Datasource, which is a
None of them have some properties like HasChanges. I cannot even check
for rows in new or edit state.
All these types of methods are available on the Datatable objects, but
the changes are not still poppulated there.
I dont want to call EndEdit everytime a user loses focus on a control
and triggers validation, so i can check the datatables for changes. I
also will not be able to do that when i am inserting a new row.

Hope someone got my question.
Thanks a lot in advance!


I think i just figured out, and it seems pretty NICE!
I check the current data row (that i may be editing), for Proposed
version data.
So my strategy to check for data changes on the form is like this:

bool hasChanges = false;
hasChanges =
--- you may have more binding sources that are editable and check them
hasChanges |= myDataSet.HasChanges();

When i apply data changes:

When i cancel changes:

Seems its what i was looking for around this alwful
databinding and shit!


There is an event on the binding source CurrentChanged. This fires when the
current index is changed. And CurrentItemChanged which is fried when a
property of the current object is changed through a bound control.

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