BindingSource - Detail view - Is Current record dirty?



In a Windows Form, I have a set of detail controls bound to a table in a
dataset through a BindingSource. I cannot figure out how to tell if the
user has edited any data in the controls that needs to be saved to the

The EndEdit method will force any changes to update back to the dataset, but
how can you tell if any changes were made. Where is the IsDirty property?

In a DataGridView, there is a IsCurrentRowDirty flag that can be checked on
RowLeave, but I cannot find anything equivelant on the Detail view controls.

Thank you,

Jeffrey Tan[MSFT]

Hi Itzik ,

Thanks for your post.

I am not sure what Details View control you are talking about. I think we
can use DataSet's HasChanges() method to check the data source change. For
more information, please refer to the link below:
"Checking for Changed Rows"

Hope this helps

Best regards,
Jeffrey Tan
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