how to change recent document location



How can I change the location where Word saves the recent document list?

I use McAfee and have it set to do a file clean-up of temporary files once a
week and after it runs I lose the list of recent files in all my office
programs, Word, Excel, Access. I have tried to 'pin' the documents but this
does not keep them from being deleted in the clean-up.

In the older version of Word I could change the location of my recent
documents but it seems in Office Word 2007 there is no way of making these



Tony Jollans

Well, naughty MacAfee for ignoring the pinning; does it not have any options
for what it 'cleans up'. AFAIK you can't change the location but they are
held in the registry in key:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word\File MRU

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