How to change printer properties for all users ?




I have problem with Canon iR2800 printer, but basically it applies to any printer
Point is how to change printer settings (like profile, paper source options, output method etc. driver based options) for ALL terminal server (2000) users. Best way ir to change these settings for AutoCreate printers, but is acceptible also for local installed printers or mapped printers


1. AutoCreate. When user connects to TS, redirected printer installs from server side driver with DEFAULT settings. We need to change settings, but changes stay active only for one session
2. Local installed printer. I was install printer in admin profile, make changes. All users see this printer, but some settings (set below printing preferences) stay DEFAULT for users
3. Mapped printer. Same situation as in Nr.2. with difference as every user see own attached printer.

I have 8 TS and approx. 30 this printer users so to make changes for every user in every TS.. it takes 240 settings and no flexibility


After testing hours I get system state when mapped printer settings set under Admin profile applies to AUTOCREATE printers for all users (! THAT WHAT I NEED !), but I cannot get same state anymore in production environmet. Possibly it depends from some installation methods and set user rights etc.

Any ideas welcome

Thank you
Girts Apini
(e-mail address removed)


Hello and thanks

Problem is how to apply (in any way) changes in printer settings to all users connecting to TS. Thats mean if user connects to TS, it gets printer with admin defined settings. As I told I already get state like this, but do not know how to make it again ;


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