How to change my Logon Domain while connected through VPN



I have a laptop running xp pro sp3 and I am working from home but have
been able to join my company's domain when connected through VPN (some
Juniper web based deal ... not a client). Anyway, the issue is that
when I go to login to my PC I can see the corp domain but when I try
to login I get

The system cannot log you on now because the domain X is not available

I KNOW if I drive the 8 hours to the office and jump on the network
hard wired it would work but I don't want to have to do that...I
really just need to figure out how to change my Logon Domain (keeping
in mind that I have to be connected through VPN ... so I guess I'd
need a command line trick or something).

Below is a section of the results of "net config workstation"

Workstation domain CORPNET
Workstation Domain DNS Name corpnet.local
Logon domain WKS-3WCR9GI

I want to be on corpnet domain and I'm almost there. PLEASE HELP!



Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

In most cases this is name resolution issue. can you ping the DC using FQDN?
You may want to install a WINS server. Or this search result may help.

VPN Issues
Can't join domain over VPN because of using DHCP · Can't ping one of
VPN clients Can't ping external NIC while RRAS is active ...

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How to Setup Windows, Network, VPN & Remote Access on

Richard DBA

I can ping...the real question is what happens the first time you login to a
domain ( the site) that's not happening now...think about it...if
I have a laptop that has been joined to the domain and then I take it home or
offline or whatever it still says okay sure use that domain and your login to
authenticate ... but if I'm not even connected to the internet ... much less
the corp domain it's still works...what piece am I missing to get that
functionality...that is the question I think I should have asked in the first

Thanks for your help...I'm a DBA and I don't have nearly as much
networking/system knowledge as I'd like so please pardon any and all




If you normally work standalone I'm not sure you would want to logon to the
domain anyway, as that will reset your useraccount,likely causing you a lot
of software difficulties.

Normally it's not necessary to, anyway. If you make an entry in the LMHOSTS
file for the server, this should overcome the lack of site DNS which is
making it hard to 'find' the server. Then, simply map the required shares
witha batch file. Or use MyLogon to do this.

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