How to calculate the age in a particular month?

Apr 26, 2014
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Hi, I am making a project using access and I have these problems:

1) When the birthday entered I want it to show the age (years and months) at the beginning of Fepurary and May.
And then how to display the age in the form.

2) I created a combo box that contain other, how to allow the user to edit other when chosen.

3) I created a multiple forms that are connected to each other, so when filling the first form the user have to assign a unique ID for the person, and proceed to the next form to fill it for the same ID, how to make access display this ID automatically when going to the next form instead of writing it again.

this is my access file so far, is it possible for you to edit it directly :blush:
>>> <<<

Thanks in advance :D


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