How to autofill the same cell reference across multiple worksheet.



I want to create a summary page on one worksheet that references vertically
(in a column) the same cell from twelve other worksheets, either in the same
or different workbooks. I have several such columns, as well as several
summary pages. I have tried to use the autofill function, but it does not
appear to change the worksheet reference, only the cell reference. The twelve
worksheets represent monthly information. The summary page represents an
individual in the company. Select information from the monthly worksheet is
tracked for each individual to monitor their performance. I am using Office
Excel 2003, part of Office Small Business Edition 2003 .



Gord Dibben

You would use the INDIRECT function.

=INDIRECT("Sheet" & (ROW()) & "!E3") entered in A1

Returns Sheet1!E3. When copied down, A2 will be Sheet2!E3, etc.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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