Autofill cell references with a pattern of every 110 rows



I'm trying to use autofill to copy cell references from a different
workbook/sheet. On the worksheet i'm trying to copy from, the data i would
like to organize and bring into the new worksheet is always in the same
column, but every 110 rows. For instance, what I want to do is this, for
every row in one column, and use autofill to do it because it would be much
easier than adding 110 to the row and typing it in myself:


when I try to use autofill to do this, it copies all three rows again, but
increased by however many rows i try to copy:


Is there any way to use Autofill to copy down a cell reference that occurs
every X rows?



Try this formula in the first cell:


and then copy it down for as many rows as you need.

Hope this helps.


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