How many touches does no touch deployment take?


Ken Cooper

ERROR: Not Found

Now I guess I am missing something very basic here, but it has now taken
nearly a full week to get my app launched from a browser URL - and still I
haven't succeeded.

The error I am getting now when I launch the exe as a URL is 404: Not Found.
But what isn't found????

'ntmizar': Loaded 'dw9ryd7d', No symbols loaded.
'ntmizar': Loaded '2hulxqpj', No symbols loaded.
'ntmizar': Loaded
a\system.enterpriseservices.dll', No symbols loaded.
'ntmizar': Loaded 'pr7x_hbw', No symbols loaded.
'ntmizar': Loaded 'lk0plth9', No symbols loaded.
An unhandled exception of type 'System.Net.WebException' occurred in

Additional information: The request failed with HTTP status 404: Not Found.

(This is displayed when I choose to debug)

The EXE and one DLL ARE DOWNLOADED before the error occurs:
'ntmizar': Loaded 'c:\documents and settings\ciskac\local
d.printunit.ui.exe', No symbols loaded.
'ntmizar': Loaded 'c:\documents and settings\ciskac\local
data\assembly\dl2\ngbqkna0.aoo\6d9dohkj.9oo\e26366cd\00f694f5_eb68c401\shu.f', No symbols loaded.

I can launch the app by URL from the development machine but not from
several other PCs which all have the .NET framwork v1.1 installed.
The windows forms application (exe) and support dlls have strong names and
are all in the same directory on the webserver.
I have configured security to Fully Trust everything from this URL.
The app has been built in debug and release configurations and all files in
the bin directory copied to the webserver.
A config file is used and the web.config file has been modified to permit
its download
Between tests I clear the download cache using gacutil and the Internet
The webshare has been configured not to execute scripts

Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


Ken Cooper

Answer 2. That is a double click on a batch file which downloads the app and
dependancies from a network share.
Who needs ZTD on a LAN anyway?

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