How I can burn my recovery CDs or where I can download XP home?



I bought a laptop and burned 4 recovery CDs for recovery purpose.
Instead of burning as disc images, I just copied and pasted these 4
CDs to my USB HDD as 4 folders called "RecoveryCD 1", "RecoveryCD 2",
"RecoveryCD 3" and "RecoveryCD 4". Now my laptop got problem and I
lost my 4 recovery CDs.

All I have now is 4 recovery folders in my USB
HDD. I burned another 4 CDs as data discs from my USB HDD, but it
didn't work out (it didn't boot because they are just data discs). I
again burned my first recovery CD as a bootable CD, but it just
stopped at black screen without booting or doing anything.

So I wonder how I can burn my recovery CDs
from my USB HDD to be able to recover all of my window, driver, and
some softwares as my 4 recovery CD that I lost.
I wonder where I can free download window xp home edition because I
can use my XP product key right?

Please help me
somebody. I'm depressed because most of my work for school is
dependent upon my laptop.




Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, unless someone else is able to come
up with a better solution, your only hope is to attempt to reburn the 4
recovery CDs from the computer. If that fails (as it probably will) you
need to contact your computer's manufacturer and hope that they will be
sympathetic and send you the recovery CDs. (I say sympathetic because since
they allowed you to create the recovery CDs in the first place they have
fulfilled their obligation to provide a recovery method.)

Of course if the rebuild and/or manufacturer won't help, you need to
purchase a RETAIL or OEM of the same version of XP to install on the
computer, along with purchasing what ever programs are needed for your work.
There is no place legal to download any Microsoft software (of course there
is the exception for a specific business relation.)

Hope you have all your important data already backed up to an external


Thank you anyway. I did burn a bunch of CDs and DVDs to correctly boot
and work, but I wasted them. : (


You say you burned 4 recovery CD and lost them.....did the Laptop come with
Recovery CDs or does it have a hidden partition that holds the Recovery




if they are simply in folders, then you won't be able to recover your HD as
it was,
however your data should be still good.
in order for you to burn recovery CD's you would need to get special
software to read your HD and burn them as a image.
something like Acronis True Image, can do this, I don't burn mine as an image
but make a complete backup of the HDD.

What do you mean you had working CD's and wasted them??


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