How do I VLookup visible cells only?



I am trying to do a VLookup from one worksheet to another. When I Filter the
source worksheet and use the Vlookup function it reads both the filtered and
non-filtered cells. Instead of returning only the visible cells, it returns
values associated with both visible and hidden cells. How do I tell it to
give me only the Filtered values?




Not sure that's possible. I'd keep it cleaner by dynamically extracting the
filtered results into a new sheet, then point the vlookup to read that sheet.
If you're interested in that route, there's a simple, fast non-array play
illustrated in this recent sample (my response to another poster) which might
appeal to you:
Filter over lines by key col in another sht.xls



T. Valko

Can you post some sample and tell us what you're wanting to lookup and what
result you expect?

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