How do I stop Outlook from importing email from another account?



Every time I open Outlook it imports email from my main email account. Is
there any way to stop this without having to delete the account from Outlook?
i don't want these messages imported.

Roady [MVP]

Version of Outlook? Help-> About...
Type of mail account? POP3, IMAP, Exchange, Hotmail, other...?

What do you mean with "importing messages"? Importing from where?
Do you actually mean receiving the messages from your mailbox?

Assuming POP3, you'll have to set your account to leave a copy on the

N. Miller

I don't have an answer but I do have the same problem. Were you able to find an answer and if so would you share it with me?

That article is over a year old, with no follow-ups, or additional
information provided.

Based on the limited information provided by both the OP, and you, I can
only guess. But I am guessing you should tick a box, in the account
configuration, labeled, "Leave a copy of the message on the server". Or
similar. If that is a bad guess, my apologies, but you have given me so
little to work with.

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