How do I share a printer on Win2K Computer without adding users and passwords (Simple Sharing)?



Question is :

I simply want to share a printer on my workgroup network using a Windows
2000 computer (Host).
The printer is attached to the Windows 2000 computer and I simple want
everyon eon the network to be able to print
to that computer without having to create user names and passwords.

Sharing a printer seems to be very easy on Windows XP, Just simply click
Printer Sharing and everyone on the network can print to that printer, (No
user name or password required by other
computers on the network including Win98, WIn2000, WinXP)..

However on Windows 2000 I can't seem to get that "simple printers
sharing" part to work, it seems to require a user and password
for everyone that wants to print to the shared printer.

Yes I know I can add Users to the computer, but I don't want to do that.

Am I missing something here?

How can I enable Simple printer sharing on a Windows 2000 computer
(Without complicated user names and passwords) ?

Thanks in Advance for any suggestions.


Never mind, I think I found out if I enable the Guest account it will allow
any user to print to the host computer's printer.

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