How do I set up a Stamp collection database?


Steve Schapel


I certainly expect that Access would be a superb tool to use for this
purpose. Are you intending to build an cataloguing system specific to
your requirements? If so, do you already have an understanding of
database design principles? If so, have you already worked out the
details of what information you need to manage about your stamps, and
what you want to be able to do with it?

Best wishes.
Mar 9, 2015
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There appears to be lots and lots of threads/topics asking for a stamp database or collection software or free album pages etc. I have written a programme to do this as I faced the same frustrating time many years ago. It is an inventory programme which produces reports etc and also produces album pages quickly for the whole world on newbie collector plus a more complex album page package.

I have posted the link on another thread on this forum but here it is again it is free and definatley not a commercial application. As it is free give it a try before spending hard earned cash on software etc better spent on stamps.

There are just to many threads etc for me to post on so will leave it here if anyone finds it usefull please post the link where ever you like.

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