How do I set default for envelope to all caps?

I would like to set my DEFAULT for envelopes to be all caps. After typing a
letter, then going to "mailings" and picking envelope, the address comes up
in the envelope space, however it is not caps. When I choose the options,
then all caps, I click on default. A box comes up and says it will be the
default on all new documents, however, when i do another letter, the envelope
still does not come up as all caps.



Stefan Blom

Modify the Envelope Address style to include All caps formatting: First
create an envelope. After it has been created, the insertion point is inside
an Envelope Address paragraph. Press Ctrl+Shift+S to show the Apply Styles
pane and click the Modify button. In the Modify Style dialog box, click
Format, Font. On the Font tab, select "All caps." Click OK. Before clicking
OK in the Modify Style dialog, be sure to select "New documents based on
this template." If/when you are prompted to save changes to your template,
choose to do so.

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