How do I reliably save an image into an "OLE Object" Field



I am trying to save images into an "OLE Object" field in an MS Access
database record.
I have created a form with a "Bound Object Frame" that has the "OLE Object"
field as its control source.
When I run the form and try to insert an image via the Right-Click "Insert
Object" menu item and Dialog Box I choose the "Create from File" radio button
and Browse to the image I am trying to save (these are small .jpg and .bmp
files). Having selected the image file, pressing the "OK" button sometimes
works (1 in 5) but frequently produces one of the following "Microsoft
Access" error pop-ups:
1) *A problem occurred while Microsoft Access was communicating with the OLE
Server or ActiveX Control.* Close the OLE Server and restart it outside of
Microsoft Access. Then try the original operation again in Microsoft Access.
2)*The OLE Object isn't registsred.* The object may be calling an
application that isn't installed. To register the application, reinstall it.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

FYI I am running MSW 98-SE with MS Office 2000 - freshly reinstalled and


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