how do I print multiple print areas on one page



I have a wide worksheet that is not very deep i.e. lots of columns but not
many rows. I have it in landscape but it is still too wide to go on one
page. I would like to be able to print the right hand side of the worksheet
underneath the left hand side of the worksheet, on one page, rather than
having to print out two pages. Is this possible?



Otto Moehrbach

This is a common question. The only way to do this is to create what you
want printed. In other words, copy all of your data to a blank sheet, then
cut/paste to get what you want, then print it. You can do this with a macro
and never see what is happening in the background. Post back if you want to
pursue the macro idea. If so, provide some detail about what rows of data
you have and what columns you want moved for printing. HTH Otto

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