how do I make multiple pie charts at the same time?



I have multiple lines of data and I want to make multiple pie charts (over
50) at the same time by simply going down the row and creating a pie chart
with each row. I can't figure out a macro on how to do it, and simply
copying and pasting and then deleting a series resets all of my formatting



Jon Peltier

A long time ago (nearly 5 years!) I posted this macro that makes a pie for
each row in the data range. The data is in A:E, with the category labels in
A1:E1 and the values in each row below that. The charts are overlapped ot
the right of the data.

Sub LotsaPies()

' Macro recorded and adjusted 2/23/01 by Jon Peltier

Dim obChart As ChartObject

Dim myrow As Long

Dim myrows As Long

' How many pies to make

myrows = WorksheetFunction.CountA(ActiveSheet.Range("A:A"))

For myrow = 2 To myrows + 1

' Make a pie with the top left corner in column F

' in same row as data, as wide as columns F through K,

' 17 rows high

' Adjust to suit your tastes

Set obChart = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects.Add(Left:=[F:F].Left, _

Top:=[F1].Offset(myrow - 1, 0).Top, _

Width:=[F:K].Width, Height:=[2:18].Height)

With obChart.Chart

.ChartType = xlPie

' A1:E1 has legend entries

' A(myrow):E(myrow) has data

.SetSourceData PlotBy:=xlRows, Source:= _

ActiveSheet.Range("A1:E1,A" & myrow & ":E" & myrow)

.ApplyDataLabels Type:=xlDataLabelsShowValue, _

LegendKey:=False, HasLeaderLines:=True

.HasTitle = True

With .ChartTitle

.Font.Bold = True

.AutoScaleFont = False

.Left = 88

.Top = 1

End With

With .PlotArea

.Border.LineStyle = xlNone

With .Interior

.ColorIndex = 2

.PatternColorIndex = 1

.Pattern = xlSolid

End With

.Height = 50

.Left = 22

.Top = 40

.Width = 156

.Height = 156

End With

' For some reason, I have to activate the chart

' to fix the fonts (otherwise they're all size 2)


With .ChartArea

.Font.Size = 10

.AutoScaleFont = False

End With

End With

' Now deactivate the chart

ActiveWindow.Visible = False




End Sub

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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