how do I make "by company" the default page outlook 07 bus contac



I want "by company" to be the default contact page to appear when clicking on
the contact icon



mrtimpeterson via


I assume that the "default contact page" you are referring to is the folder
view that opens when you click on your Business Contacts folder. By default,
Outlook will always return you to the last view that you were on when you
last opened the folder. If you regularly view "by company" just always exit
the folder from that view and it will always be that view when you return.

BTW, which "contact icon" are you referring to in your question? Does this
refer to an individual Business Contact record that you are clicking on to
open? If so, then there is a different answer than my comments above. You
can adjust how the individual contact record displays via the drop down "file-
as" options within the contact record field.

Best wishes,


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