How do I locate a fixed object in excel?



I am attempting to hide columns in excel. At a certain point I get an error
message which states "Cannot shift objects off sheet." I don't believe that
I have any objects in my sheet. For fun I tried to insert a column and I get
an error message that "Fixed Objects will move". I would like to find the
object so that I can delete it.



Chip Pearson

Try running the following macro:

Sub AA()
Dim SH As Shape
Dim OLEObj As OLEObject

For Each SH In ActiveSheet.Shapes
Debug.Print "SHAPE: ", SH.Name, SH.TopLeftCell.Address
Next SH
For Each OLEObj In ActiveSheet.OLEObjects
Debug.Print "OBJECT: ", OLEObj.Name,
Next OLEObj
End Sub

Chip Pearson
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Pearson Software Consulting, LLC

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